About Us

PACKSHOOTERS® was founded by Rick O’Leary and his wife, Rebeca Landeros O’Leary.

PACKSHOOTERS® specializes in animal photography shot in adventurous, natural surroundings. We believe in the transformative power of the human-animal connection, where people and their pets come together in mutual respect and understanding.

Our photography celebrates that special bond, using the highest quality equipment and years of personal experience to commemorate the stories that you and your animals tell so well.

Dogs, horses, and pack animals are our primary subjects. Whether they are alone, in pairs or packs, or with their human riders and families, our goal is to capture the unique life force of your precious companion animals. We like to shoot in the natural settings your animals are most at home in, and will meet you in parks, woods, trails, or elsewhere for your individual photo session. And while our focus is mainly dogs and horses, we're happy to photograph any pet or animal, large or small.


Rick O’Leary - Founder and Photographer PACKSHOOTERS® - Canine and Equine Photography New York & Austin

Photographer Rick O’Leary and his sidekick, Charro

Photographer Rick O’Leary and his sidekick, Charro